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Hang Print

Hanging your photo mosaic - 5 easy steps

hang photo mosaic tools

What you need

For hanging your print you need: mountings, drilling machine (or hammer), spirit level and a pencil.

hang photo mosaic fixings

1. Attach mountings

The mountings have to be glued or screwed on the photo. (Check the attached manual!)

hang photo mosaic pencil

2. Mark drilling holes

Mark the drilling holes and use a spirit level.

hang photo mosaic drilling holes

3. Drill holes

Drill the holes at the marked spots on the wall and attach the mountings.

hang photo mosaic icon

4. Hang print

Now just hang the print on the fixings in the wall.

hang photo mosaic icon done

5. Hooray!

Congratulations: If you still got all you fingers you can give yourself a well deserved High Five.

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