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lobby photo mosaic panorama

Photo mosaics are used by businesses for 2 main reasons. On one hand they allow for a creative and detailed presentation of the company to customers and partners. Besides that, photo mosaics are also great as a team building instrument and for employee identification.

1. For 100% Employee Identification

Today the success of a company is dependent on two target groups: the customer and the employees. With a photo mosaic, both target groups can be given a meaningful and proper representation at the company.

A typical use for photo mosaics is team building. A photo mosaic makes it visible, that each employee in the company is part of the „big picture“.

It is possible to create a photo mosaic using portraits of the employees to create a larger picture, which is usually the company logo. That is a creative way to increase employee’s indentification with the company, and creates a feeling of being a team. This effect is perfect for training and company events.

A photo mosaic creates a team feeling that brings together employees from all branches of the company. Even colleagues that are working at other locations are near when they are part of a photo mosaic. That way there is an emotional team building aspect, even if the company is spread out over multiple locations.

photo mosaic alu-dibond company photo mosaic detail

galerie jubilaeum 2

2. For Creative Marketing

More and more businesses are using the emotional power of photo mosaics for communication. Lufthansa, Coca-Cola or Audi – it doesn’t matter. Many companies have already started using photo mosaics for marketing.

Whether as an unusual customer gift or as a special giveaway for conventions – we create unique mosaics for businesses. For large quantity orders there are special conditions that we offer businesses.

„We are Company“
Photo Mosaics on Alu-Dibond
240 cm x 120 cm, 3 mm thick

990 £

mosaic alu for company

„We are Company“
Photo Mosaic on Acrylic Glass
240 cm x 120 cm, 8 mm Glass
Diamond-cut edges

1,450 £

mosaic acrylic for company

Photo Mosaic Poster as a Giveaway

Your photo mosaic should be given to employees or customers as a poster? For that we offer photo mosaics on poster in print runs. These are perfect as emotional marketing for internal communication, or as a giveaway at a convention or exhibit.

DIN A3 Photo Mosaic Poster – Digital print, 135 g paper matte or glossy

Print quantityNet price
100 pcs.265 £
500 pcs.345 £
1,000 pcs.545 £
5,000 pcs.1,490 £

DIN A2 Photo Mosaic Poster – Digital print, 135 g paper matte or glossy

Print quantityNet price
100 pcs.545 £
500 pcs.745 £
1,000 pcs.1,145 £
5,000 pcs.2,790 £

DIN A1 Photo Mosaic Poster – Digital print, 135 g paper matte or glossy

Print quantityNet price
100 pcs.845 £
500 pcs.1,150 £
1,000 pcs.1,890 £
5,000 pcs.5,490 £
mosaic poster stack

Please take into consideration that the production time for poster print runs can take up to 2 weeks. Wholesale prices do not include taxes and shipping.

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