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Photo collage

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Create a photo collage

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Create your photo mosaic in 3 steps

  • 1. Upload
    main image
    step 1 icon mosaic v2
  • 3 schritte pfeil
  • 2. Upload
    individual photos
    step 2 icon mosaic v2
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  • 3. Create
    photo mosaic
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Tip: The main image should be simple.

mosaic general details
mosaic general simple

The simpler the main image, the better the result will be.

Photo collage – a great gift idea

In contrast to the photo mosaic, the photo collage is an attractive way to depict several photos equally in one picture. This allows you to present a collection of your favourite photos in one – a photo collage.

Here, you can very easily create a pic collage online. All you need are your selected photos. With our photo collage maker, we provide you with our collage software online. In the online collage maker, you can choose from more than 250 collage templates. Once you have your photos uploaded into the collage maker, creating your photo collage is child’s play.

What photo collages are there in the collage maker?

We offer over 250 photo collage templates free of charge in our photo collage editor. These differ in the number of photos that can be used, in the use of text, or in the theme of the template.

More than 250 free photo collage templates in the collage maker

Collage Number
with Text 50
without Text 70
square Templates 44
rectangular Templates 92
theme templates 30

We offer photo collages for between 2 and 100 photos. In addition, the templates in the photo collage maker vary in the way the photos are arranged. We offer both creative and symmetrical photo collage templates

Photo collages with text

Many like to add text to their photo collage; we offer various options here in the free collage maker. You can choose from different fonts, font sizes and colours for the text on your photo collage. This allows you to individualise your photo collage.

Themed templates

In our photo collage maker, we offer themed templates for special occasions. You’ll find attractive templates for your photo collage under the headings travel, flowers, love, party or animals, for example. These templates are optimised for printing and are particularly impressive in large format.

More than 250 free templates

How do I create a photo collage?

Our photo collage maker makes it very easy to create a photo collage. First, you transfer the photos you have chosen from your own hard-disk into the collage maker. There you will find a default photo collage template, but of course this can be swapped at any point for another. We have 120 different templates for you to choose from in the collage maker.

You can simply pull your photos across into the preferred position on the photo collage from the “My pictures” photo upload folder. If the photo format and the picture space in the photo collage do not match, you can arrange the picture within the photo collage by clicking on the corresponding picture symbol. You can rearrange the picture in your photo collage as much and as often as you want. Once you have found the perfect arrangement for your photo collage, simply click on “create collage”.

What can my photo collage be printed on?

We offer all sorts of materials for printing your photo collage. Most customers choose a photo collage canvas. Canvas is particularly popular due to its fine surface structure and the attractive wooden stretcher frame. But posters, acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond are also popular choices for printing your own photo collage.

A photo collage as a calendar

Photo collages are often used as calendars. Here you can decorate a calendar template with the photos you choose to create photo collage calendar of your own photos, which will display your loveliest photos all year round. The photo collage calendar is available in various templates.

Tip: Use at least 100 little photos. The more photos, the more varied the mosaic will be (max. 1000 photos).

Further information

fce landing detail collage

Image: Photo collage printed onto acrylic glass.

The most important information on the photo collage

  • More than 250 collage templates
  • Add custom text
  • 2 to 100 photos in one collage
  • Print size up to 160 x 120 cm
  • Delivery in 48 hours

Video: photo collage on canvas

The photo collage is available on the following products:

  • Canvas
  • Arylic glass
  • Alu-Dibond
  • Poster

Sizes and prices for all photo mosaic products

Canvas print

Acrylic glass


S 60 x 30 cm£59.00--£27.90
S 60 x 40 cm£69.00£79.00£79.00£27.90
S 60 x 45 cm£69.00£79.00£69.00£27.90
S 60 x 60 cm£69.00£89.00£89.00£32.90
S 80 x 40 cm£74.00£89.00£89.00£30.90
M 80 x 60 cm£79.00£89.00£89.00£39.90
M 80 x 80 cm£89.00£109.00£109.00£55.90
M 90 x 60 cm£89.00£99.00£99.00£43.90
M 100 x 50 cm£87.00--£43.90
M 100 x 75 cm£109.00£179.00£292.00£56.90
L 100 x 100 cm£119.00£139.00£139.00£71.90
M 105 x 70 cm£110.00£169.00£287.00£53.90
M 120 x 60 cm£103.00£129.00£129.00£54.90
L 120 x 80 cm£119.00£149.00£149.00£77.90
L 120 x 90 cm£119.00£149.00£149.00£80.90
L 120 x 120 cm£139.00£299.00£484.00-
XL 150 x 100 cm£149.00£309.00£501.00£102.90
XL 160 x 120 cm£169.00£389.00£617.00-

All prices include VAT.

Here’s how fast your photo mosaic will be delivered:

Preferred size

Shipping to

NEXT DAY*deliveryguaranteed

* possible for orders up to 12 noon

We deliver with: delivery logos sw

Shipping to

Size Overnight Upgrade Express Upgrade Delivery
S 60 x 30 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 40 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 45 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 60 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 80 x 40 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 80 x 60 cm £89.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 80 x 80 cm £139.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 90 x 60 cm £139.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 100 x 50 cm £139.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 100 x 75 cm £139.95 £9.95 £19.95
L 100 x 100 cm £139.95 £12.95 £19.95
M 105 x 70 cm £139.95 £12.95 £19.95
M 120 x 60 cm £139.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 80 cm £139.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 90 cm £139.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 120 cm £0.00 £12.95 £29.95
XL 150 x 100 cm £0.00 £12.95 £29.95
XL 160 x 120 cm £0.00 £12.95 £29.95

All prices include VAT.

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