Data Protection

  1. We save and use your personal data (name, address, e-mail, and payment information) in accordance with the German data protection laws. Your data will only be used to complete your order or to give you information.
  2. In order to complete your order, your data may be given to third parties like transportation companies, payment services, or other services. These partners are only entitled to use your information to complete the contract.
  3. Payment data, like credit card information, will not be saved for safety reasons and must be given each time a new order is placed.
  4. All photo files which are provided for reproduction will be deleted after the order is completed. Storage devices which have been sent in will be detroyed after the files have been transfered. They can be returned by request. Costs for the return of storage devices are paid by the customer.
  5. Files may be provided to law enforcement in the case of a warrant or court order (e.g. in the case of child pornography).
  6. The files you provide will not be used for advertisement or any other use, and will not be made available to other users.
  7. According to the German data protection law, you have the right to free information about your saved data at our company. Contact our customer service for more information. Contact information can be found under „Contact“ or „Impressum“.
  8. We use cookies to optimise our services, which are sent to your browser when you visit the website. The used of cookies on our site or in general can be blocked in your browser settings.
  9. If you receive our newsletter, you can cancel your subscription any time by sending us an e-mail with the subject line „Please unsubscribe“.
  10. The use of your data can be ended at any time, just send us an email with the subject line „Please delete my data“.
  11. We reserve the right to fit and expand our data protection terms according to current needs.