How it works

1. How to create your photo mosaic

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1. Upload your main image

Click on „create mosaic“ and choose the main image as the first step. This photo will be seen in a large size on your mosaic.

Main Image Tips

choose your individual images now FME Zoom Icon

2. Upload the individual photos

Now you can upload the individual photos which will be seen as small pictures in the background. You should upload at least 30 individual pictures.

Individual Photo Tips

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3. Choose the size of your mosaic

Now you can choose in which size your mosaic should be created. It can then be printed in the size that you decided on.

Photo Mosaic Size Tips

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4. Provide contact information

We can create a photo mosaic for you for free and without any obligation to order. In this step you can let us know how to notify you when the mosaic is ready. It takes about 24 hours.

Contact Info Tips

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5. Now it’s our turn!

Now you can relax. It’s our turn! In the last few years we have already created many thousands of mosaics. Now we will create the most beautiful mosaic using your pictures.

2. How to order your photo mosaic

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1. Review your finished mosaic

We will notify you by email when your mosaic is ready. You can view the finished mosaic online and decide if you would like to order it.

Decision-making Tips

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2. Choose your photo product

Here you can choose which material your mosaic should be printed on. We offer 4 different materials: poster, canvas, acrylic glass, and Alu-Dibond.

Material Tips

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3. Choice of the execution

Choose the finish for your photo product. We also offer mountings.


adress and payment FME Zoom Icon

4. Enter order details

Now you can enter your order details and provide a different shipping address if you need. Express shipping is also possible!


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5. Done

Now the mosaic will be printed and sent to you. You will receive a confirmation by email. Depending on your shipping selection it can take between 24 hours and 4 days.