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Prices for photo mosaics on acrylic glass

The chart below shows all prices for mosaics printed on acrylic glass. For every size from S to XL there are 4 available aspect ratios: the classic format 3:2, the digital photo format 4:3, as well as the square format 1:1 and the panorama format 2:1. The bigger the mosaic, the more individual images should be used to make it.

Size Version Price
60 x 40 cm S 79,00 £
60 x 45 cm S 79,00 £
60 x 60 cm S 89,00 £
60 x 30 cm S 69,00 £
90 x 60 cm M 99,00 £
80 x 60 cm M 89,00 £
80 x 80 cm M 109,00 £
80 x 40 cm M 89,00 £
105 x 70 cm L 169,00 £
100 x 75 cm L 179,00 £
100 x 100 cm L 139,00 £
100 x 50 cm L 129,00 £
120 x 80 cm XL 149,00 £
120 x 90 cm XL 149,00 £
120 x 120 cm XL 299,00 £
120 x 60 cm XL 129,00 £
150 x 100 cm XXL 309,00 £
160 x 120 cm XXL 389,00 £

What is an acrylic glass photo?

An acrylic glass photo is a photo which is printed directly on the back of a glass plate. The motif shines through the glass and gives the effect of a framed photo. The photo looks like it is laying behind the glass. Because of the smooth and shiny surface, acrylic glass photos are perfect for printing photo mosaics. Details in the individual images are reproduced clearly and can be easily seen within the complete image.

The acrylic glass is break resistant. It is much more safe than normal window glass, and is perfectly suitable for households with children or animals. In addition, the print on acrylic glass is water and weather resistant and can also be used outdoors.. However, direct sunlight should be avoided. The acrylic glass prints are lightfast for 80 years. That is especailly possible because the motif is printed directly onto the glass and cannot be removed from it.

What finishes are available?

There are two main variations that are available: 3 mm and 8 mm glass thickness. The 8 mm thick acrylic glass is treated in a special way. The edges are sanded with diamonds, which makes them smooth and makes it possible to see the photo mosaic through the sides. This effect gives the acrylic glass more depth.

Tip: The thicker the acrylic glass, the more stable your picture will be. We recommend 8 mm thick acrylic glass for large format photos starting at 100 x 100 cm. For smaller sizes the 3 mm version is perfectly fine.

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