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photo mosaic on alu-dibond
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Prices for photo mosaics on Alu-Dibond

Like all of our products Alu-Dibond is also available in 4 different formats (3:2 classic format, 4:3 digital photo format, 1:1 square format and 2:1 panorama format). There are five sizes available for each format.

All information about individual images and prices in different finishes can be found in this chart.

Size Version Price
60 x 40 cm S 79,00 £
60 x 45 cm S 69,00 £
60 x 60 cm S 89,00 £
60 x 30 cm S 133,00 £
90 x 60 cm M 99,00 £
80 x 60 cm M 89,00 £
80 x 80 cm M 109,00 £
80 x 40 cm M 89,00 £
105 x 70 cm L 345,00 £
100 x 75 cm L 351,00 £
100 x 100 cm L 139,00 £
100 x 50 cm L 222,00 £
120 x 80 cm XL 149,00 £
120 x 90 cm XL 149,00 £
120 x 120 cm XL 597,00 £
120 x 60 cm XL 129,00 £
150 x 100 cm XXL 619,00 £
160 x 120 cm XXL 768,00 £

What is an Alu-Dibond photo?

An Alu-Dibond photo is made out of a composite aluminum and polyethylene panel. The polyethylene core is surrounded by two 0,3 mm aluminum plates. The photo mosaic is printed on one of the aluminum plates. All together the Alu-Dibond plate is 3 mm thick and weighs 3,8 kg per square meter.

Similarly to acrylic glass, with Alu-Dibond photos the motif is directly printed onto the plate. Through the direct print there is a very good color reproduction. The composite plate is very stabile and the print lasts for a long time. For those reasons Alu-Dibond is perfect for printing photo mosaics.

Alu-Dibond prints can be hung on the wall with 3 different mountings: Ghost, Couple, and Steel20. You can choose which one you would like during the ordering process.
Ghost is especially suitable for small formats up to 60 x 40 cm. Larger formats should be hung with the Couple or Steel20 mountings. We recommend the Couple mounting, since it does not require drilling through the picture. That way no details in your picture will be lost.

What finishes are available?

Metallic and semi-matte are the two available finishes for Alu-Dibond photos.
The photo mosaic on semi-matte Alu-Dibond is printed on a white background. The metallic version has a special feature – the photo mosaic is printed directly onto the aluminum plate – without a white background as a base. That way all white space on the image will be left empty, allowing the aluminum structure to show through.

Tip: The Alu-Dibond finish in metallic is perfect for images with metallic elements. A bridge out of metal or really any architectural motifs look great when printed on a metallic surface.

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