Gift voucher for photo mosaic

Are you looking for a last minute gift? You can order a gift voucher from and receive it directly by e-mail and print it immediately at home. With a gift voucher the recipient can create their own photo mosaic and have it directly printed on canvas, acrylic glass, Alu-Dibond, or as a poster. You can decide on the amount that the voucher is worth.

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It’s so easy:

  1. Choose a title for your gift voucher (e.g. Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary).
  2. Enter your name and the name of the recipient.
  3. Choose the value amount for your gift voucher.
  4. Finish the order.
  5. Print your gift voucher at home.

With the gift voucher from the recipient will receive a gift code which can be entered during the ordering process. The gift voucher is valid for all of our photo mosaic products: canvas, acrylic glass, Alu-Dibond, and poster.

Photo mosaic gift vouchers are available with the default amounts of 25 £, 50 £, 100 £, 200 £ or 500 £. If you would like a particular amount for your gift voucher, please contact us at We would be happy to customize your gift voucher for your needs.

After entering the gift code the amount including shipping will be reduced according to the value of the gift voucher. The gift code can be applied as soon as the gift voucher has been paid for.

Occasions for a photo mosaic gift voucher

A gift voucher from is a great gift for every occasion. The recipient can use their own photos to create a personal mosaic according to their taste.

Common occasions for giving a photo mosaic gift voucher:

photo mosaic on canvas bride and groom


A wedding is the perfect occasion to give someone a photo mosaic gift voucher. The newlyweds will have so many great photos after the wedding that they won’t know what to do with them!

With a gift voucher it is possible to use all of those wonderful photos to create a unique photo mosaic. Up to 1000 photos can be used to create a special work of art as a reminder of that day.

photo mosaic acrylic children and dog


Childhood photos are the most beautiful. With children there are countless opportunities to take great pictures. Pictures at the park, on a weekend trip, or at a birthday party: during childhood there are so many stories to be told with photos. So many moments, that cannot possibly be captured in one photo.

With a photo mosaic you can use all of those photos to create a little work of art.

photo mosaic poster boat


Friends or relatives just returned overjoyed from a great trip, bags full of photos of unique experiences? It is the perfect opportunity to give them a photo mosaic gift voucher. They will have so many beautiful photos, and it is impossible to choose just one.

A photo mosaic brings together all of those holiday pictures into one XXL main image, presenting the many aspects of the holiday in one large picture.

photo mosaic alu-dibond seniors


An eventful year lies behind us. Winter is the perfect time of year to go through all the photos from the last year. With a photo mosaic gift voucher all of those photos can be brought together and made into a little work of art.

That is why a photo mosaic is one of the most creative Christmas presents. The recipient can let their creativity shine and will be so happy with the final result.

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